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Most businesses recognise the need for a Single Customer View (SCV), but so few realise its potential. Experiencing value from an SCV shouldn't be seen as magic, nor something out of reach.

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A Complete View

A true single customer view represents a readily accessible graph of a customer relationship, from varying perspectives including product, brand, business, and channel. Underpinning this outcome is the need for maintaining quality data, and the ability to make insights available where they matter most.

The concept of Single Customer View takes many shapes and forms, from tactical - matching and consolidation to support specific marketing activities - to enterprise-wide Customer Data Platforms. As is the case with all things data, it's important to focus on business outcomes first and allow the SCV design achieve them in the most direct and impactful manner possible. These outcomes generally revolve around customer experience; the ability to deliver a unified customer experience, and manage governance elements such as preferences from a centralised view.

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The art of SCV relies heavily on the ability to identify the same customer across different, disparate data points and presentations. For example, the same customer may appear as:

  • an email address where subscribed to a newsletter
  • a name and physical address where they've purchased online
  • a name and mobile number where they've purchased in-store
  • a device fingerprint where they've browsed your (or partner's) website

Our tech stack and platform provides the ability to identify these touches, behaviours, and data points as the same customer, in turn allowing markets to deliver a consistent message across them.

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Tactical Outcomes

Delivering a Single Customer View shouldn't be a fated, three year project. Tactical - that is, rapidly delivered - outcomes often include the ability to target customers grossly better, and segment based on a broad view of the customer's relationship with your brand.

Strategic Objectives

Longer-term objectives for effective SVC should include a unified marketing experience, informed decision-making, and improved organisational confidence in data.

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Single Customer View is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our platform can be delivered as a service, in the cloud, or on-premise where required. So long as we can access the systems and data points that underpin your customer's journey and interactions, we're able to stitch, segment, and deliver the SCV to consuming systems.


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