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Marketing automation is about more than technology. We believe the nirvana of automation is the orchestration of customer communications based on a data-led understanding of their journey.

Our marketing automation framework is underpinned by effective customer data management, machine learning, and a data-driven understanding of the customer journey. We use machine learning to identify target audiences at a given stage of the journey, and target personalised communications based on their life stage. Using the power of data we're able to generate unique communications for each and every customer, across variables such as timing, offer, channel, and context.

Our marketing automation framework allows us to rapidly develop and implement programs, meaning long-term, we're able to spend more time iteratively developing them to continually improve revenue (and profit!) outcomes. This includes typical A/B/n testing, but also the creative development around how to best utilise the deep intelligence born from machine learning. For example, where most organisations focus on identification of high response propensity customers, we also develop initiatives around actively understanding and developing low and medium propensity customer segments.

Customer Journey

Our marketing automation framework is underpinned by a deep understanding of your customer's journey, and how best to prescriptively affect it.

Machine Learning

Our integrated machine learning capability drives every marketing automation decision.


We use data science and visualisation to make attribution a clear, accessible, and accurate mechanism driving continual improvement.


Our platform sits across every modern communication channel, online and offline. From digital media and social audiences, to direct mail, telemarketing, SMS, and email.


With quality data underpinning it, communications from our platform are in real-time, based on triggers as we identify them.


As is the case with all things Marketsoft, our marketing automation platform can be accessed as a cloud service, or deployed on-premise. We can even use your existing tech stack if preferred!

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Pretested programs to get things started

Over the years we've learnt a thing or two about which automation programs drive the highest immediate return for certain businesses and customer sets. We have eight predesigned programs ready and waiting for implementation to get the ball rolling, ranging from welcome, second purchase, next best product, pre-churn, and reactivation.

Trust trumps incentive

We strongly believe that successful marketing should not be about short-term returns. Instead, we take a long-term lens to our marketing automation approaches, ensuring our customer communications develop a relationship and ongoing dialogue based on trust, not incentives.

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