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Finding the time, expertise, and technology to provide even the simplest of reporting is sometimes a challenge. Our services aim to provide data analysis and reporting that is fast, effective, and served in a manner that is most consumable across your organisation.

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Basic reporting is the means so many organisations use to tell a story, though so few are effective in doing so.

Reporting requires several disciplines to be done well: a mastery of data, a shared language with the business, and a focus on creative design. Reports need to be easily shared to the people who matter, and updated outside of manual process. Marketsoft provides a range of data-driven reporting services, utilising a selection of best-practice tools.

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We believe that effective communication is the key to successful business, and reporting should underpin this sentiment. Reporting should be written appropriate to the intended audience, and distributed (or published) in a way that encourages consumption.

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We are oriented on achieving long-term effective reporting through continuous improvement, and engagement with the business. Data Analysis and Reporting often fails over a medium-term because outcomes reported either become misaligned with business priorities; a direct result of reports not being forced to evolve and remain relevant.

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We help provide tangible insights and business value through data analysis & reporting that speaks your business's native language. We will effectively communicate the subject matter to busy executives who have a limited time to go through your reports. 

We include visual representations of the most crucial data, such as charts and graphs. We keep the language concise and jargon free so that it’s easy to understand. You’re most welcome to visit our office located at St.Leonards NSW or leave a message to us.


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Our reporting methodology inherits the principles of our overall agile framework, with some clear phases of development. First, we ensure requirements are gathered from the reporting's "customers", forming delivery "stories".

We also seek to understand the constraints in which reporting must exist, such as existing reports requiring change management, system constraints which might affect data access, and environmental factors such as planned changes to objectives, metrics, or priorities.

Report development then follows a typical agile delivery method, with reports released and iteratively developed in rapid fashion. Reporting naturally requires this cyclical method because if effective, one set of reporting will draw out another set of questions requiring yet more reporting answers.

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