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Our strategic framework takes an agile view to marketing growth, through a grounding in data maturity and a focus on customer outcomes. Market Soft’s marketing strategies can help you grow sales and maximise business growth.

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Strategy fails in the large majority of cases because it's either unrealistic, poorly considered, or is not executed in a manner that works in the real world. Our strategic framework adopts the strengths of the agile manifesto whilst ensuring that your marketing program recognises rapid, measurable growth.

We believe that success begets success; a successful CRM marketing strategy should continue to roll into iteratively more successful cycles. We also believe that strategy isn't something mysterious, or conceived in ivory towers - it should be collaborative, creative, and inclusive.

Effective strategy also uses practical insights gained from data to make informed decisions; decisions about how and where to invest budget, decisions about how to speak to customers, and decisions about how to plan for long-term, enduring growth. Our framework encompasses these elements and provides an actionable roadmap of revenue-generating activity.

Customer Journey

Our framework includes a customer journey map, particularly as we seek to understand customer interactions and the data collected during them.


Our value models are rooted in RFM, but not as the 1990's knew it. We put a modern spin on using these dimensions to describe and articulate customer purchase behaviour, and use them to create tangible segments.

Data-Science Led Automation

Our marketing strategy development process leads toward a nirvana of machine learning led marketing automation. Whilst the human element - gut feel - is always critical to success, long-term growth is only guaranteed through using data and models to drive the automation process.


Strategy generally fails not because of the strategy itself, but a business's ability to execute on it. Our framework is practical and can be executed under any agile methodology, or we can execute on it for you. Your choice!

Bespoke Analytics

Frameworks and models are great, but there are always questions that just aren't handled under a one-size-fits-all process. In these cases, we deliver bespoke analytics and data science services to ensure answers are not mysteries lost in data, but narratives used by the business to inform strategy.

We’ve got the experience, people, and tech to deliver both the strategy and execution for you to experience enduring growth.

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