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One of the fastest areas of growth in the commercial world is the adoption of Machine Learning. Marketing and customer engagement are major beneficiaries of this new technology. According to Forbes, 53% of businesses who are online are projected to utilise Machine Learning. Cloud based computing is making the adoption and transition so much easier for businesses, although many businesses are only applying machine learning to what they know about their online customers.  At Marketsoft we can help you connect the online and offline customer worlds together, providing a 360 degree behaviour view to be easily ingested into a machine learning module you can have full control over.

Machine Learning can improve retention and conversion rates.

An area where machine learning is having the biggest impact is conversion. Machine learning allows businesses to utilise the power of historic purchases and actual customer behaviours to drive offers. Amazon's power has been its ability to predicate and offer consumers the next best product. Now that analytical power is available to any business who wants to reach out and grab it. Marketsoft can help you take advantage of this technology.   

Utilise online and offline customer data.

Connect behaviours

Make the right offer at the right time.

Marketsoft will get your business noticed in the offline and digital world by using the RedPoint Global platform. We provide bespoke solutions which will leverage your customer data to drive customer retention and conversion. 

We believe that close collaboration is the foundation for an outstanding result. We work closely with your business teams to help drive the result you are after. We are a small firm with large global solution partners and together we can help you leverage your data.


Drive sales with Machine Learning


Connect all your data sources


It doesn't have to be a big bang approach



Improve the offer


Link key behaviors


Grow your customer base

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