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An effective customer journey is underpinned by real data points, and allows an organisation to predict and prescribe customer movements.

We believe that customers journeys are not something laced in theory, destined to disappear into brand handbooks for eternity. Instead, our journeys are practical and defined by the data already available to your business; this means a customer's journey can be accurately identified, tagged, and influenced.

We will tailor customer journey mapping strategies specifically conceived for your brand and audience. Most importantly, we root our model with three important layers: the data required to represent  a stage, the data science which seeks to understand it, and the marketing automation which intends to influence it.

The result of this process is a journey map which informs a broad range of business requirements, from general, brand, product, marketing, and [hopefully] most importantly, customer strategies.

Journey Map

We help understand, describe, and articulate - through existing data points - both the current and future-state customer journeys.

Data Layer

Being able to identify and tag a customer's journey - or stage in the journey - is critical. Without this a journey map is a hypothetical concept and cannot be actioned upon from marketing or customer engagement perspectives.

Data Science Layer

Data Science makes use of the data collected for a given customer at a given stage, and informs the decision process around what to do next. Where do we want a customer to go to drive lifetime value and what is the best way of encouraging this?

Marketing Automation Layer

Marketing automation is the general capability to act upon the data and insights collected for a customer. Automation allows us to deliver a personalised communication in real-time, driven by data and decisional science.


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