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Digital and direct marketing campaigns come in a wide range of shapes, forms, and flavours. In the modern marketing era, management and orchestration across these channels can feel like a discipline akin to rocket science.

Our campaign management services help marketers design and execute effective marketing (as if there were any other type?). We work both practically, extending and supporting existing strategies where they exist, or helping create and execute one alongside SMEs in your business.


Our long history of supporting Marketers in Australia is rooted in successful direct and tele marketing; channels which - due to their economies-of-scale nature - required strong data quality and governance. We apply the same mindset in the modern era to ensure that data informs and drives an enduring marketing strategy.


Marketsoft's tech stack supports both data management and campaign execution, across the plethora of modern marketing channels, both digital and offline.


Just as important as the ability to execute, is the ability to measure marketing impact. Particularly as customer interactions - and the data that reflects them - becomes more complex. We use a combination of heuristic matching, machine learning, and data visualisation to create a consistent view of marketing performance, in turn scripting a narrative which can be used to translate results to business stakeholders.

Campaign Management services operate and execute to your timelines. We work under an agile framework which means all development happens rapidly, but more importantly, as a true service. How high or low touch this is on your own business is completely up to you, we may work autonomously (like riders in the night), or, as a direct extension of your team (like the data geek you never had).

Marketing is - and always has - been about momentum. Marketsoft's services are robust and persistent, ensuring your schedule is executed on time and using quality data to underpin it.


Services designed to improve the deliverability and customer experience associated with mail-based marketing.


Modules to expand the callable universe, increase contact rates, and manage customer experience through robust compliance.


Verification of email deliverability and optimisation through engagement and personalisation.


Proactive mobile number verification and optimisation though engagement-based selections.


Personalisation based on offline (or other) attributes not otherwise available in the digital environment.


Specialised services designed to expand and increase audience match rates; management of the activation process.


Data management required to produce successful programmatic outcomes.


Marketing is really about having data to support each customer interaction, which is different for every organisation. We act as a service, building bespoke solutions, where required, to deliver business outcomes.

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