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In an age of data privacy fears and governance demands, the need to manage customer preferences is critical.

The concept of customer preferences aims to go beyond unsubscribe management, providing a forum to openly engage with customers, understand expectations and motivations, and respond through personalised communication. Preferences turn traditional opt-out management on its head, giving the customer a choice in how they engage with a brand, and in turn providing the opportunity for organisations to drive relationships through deep customer understanding.

Our customer preference framework provides both the interface and underlying data management systems required to effectively collect and handle customer attributes. We also help support the design of preference collection in the first place, ensuring what's collected is the best for your organisation, and aligned to industry best-practice.

We believe that brands should put trust in their customer's ability to prescribe how they wish to be communicated to, beyond simply offering the ability to unsubscribe completely. We also believe that as communication channels and types become more and more complex, the ability to capture and action preferences moves from an optional nice-to-have, to mandatory practice.

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A customer preference centre provides much more than basic data capture. The idea creates an opportunity to actively engage with customers, develop a deeper understanding of motivations and opinions that would not be otherwise possible, and live the organisation's trust and commitment to true customer experience. Effective customer preference management is reflective of an organisational mindset fixed on putting customer needs first, and the commitment required to address them.

As is generally the case with anything martech, we believe there are very few absolutes. In the case of customer preferences, the manner in which attributes are collected, the strategy used to respond to them, and the underlying data management used to drive it will differ for any given organisation. Our framework is mature enough to provide the design and inform the development a customer preference solution for any business, while ensuring it aligns to industry standards and best-practice outcomes.

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