We operate in an open and honest environment, void of bureaucratic hierarchies and titles.

We’re fiercely protective of the core values that define us, and proudly live by them daily.

Our cross-functional team operate across a range of capabilities and skillsets, ultimately ensuring we can deliver projects in high velocity. We maintain an agile, small team mindset whilst delivering to our matured frameworks and models.

We put relationships at the absolute forefront of what we do, over and above arbitrary priorities such as scope, commercials, or contractual limits. We live in the real world where growth and success of our customer is our binding measure.


With over 7 years of database analysis experience and 5 years experience working with not for profits, Jackson has a passion for using data to help improve the world.  As a data analyst he loves drilling into data sets looking for insights that can improve outcomes for businesses and charities.

When he’s not analysing data Jackson is usually working on his master’s degree or geeking out about Star Wars.

TODD FISHER - Director Business Development

Todd has worked in the data marketing industry for over 18 years and in that time he has strategically partnered with clients from the majority of industry sectors, in a local and global capacity. Todd has experience working with his customers on all facets of data driven marketing solutions, everything from helping clients identify and select a targeted marketing list, right through to game changing, organisational wide multi-channel, multi-partner, integrated marketing solutions. From traditional direct mail projects, to strategic digital solutions, he has been actively involved throughout his marketing career. Todd initiates and guides organisations along the journey towards data driven, marketing focused outcomes.

Todd understands the value of collaborating closely with clients and partners and has a passion for helping them realise their marketing objectives. He believes that it is imperative that all marketing communication is customer centric and that your customers rate talking to you (sometimes screaming!), they expect you to listen, and they demand that you act and communicate accordingly. Todd is very pleased that Marketsoft shares these views.

JOEL NICHOLSON - Director/LemonTree Founder

Joel is a data and technology crusader who has a passion to help build a more customer/donor centric future. The speed of change and the convergence of data and technology has an enormous influence on the way we all live. The ability to harness and leverage both these forces to empower marketers towards customer centricity is what excites him.

Joel has been leading the data-driven services company, Marketsoft, for the past 12 years across commercial organisations including the big four banks, publishers, retailers, and in recent years a focus on Non-Profit.

Joel was instrumental in launching Australia’s first donor centric data collaborative in late 2014, called LemonTree, with a vision to create sustainable fundraising practices through collaborative thinking, technology, data, and by ultimately putting the donor first.

ALONSO ARRARTE - Technical Team Lead

With over 11 years’ experience dealing with marketing data and a degree in game design Alonso’s passion is to solve complex issues and business problems by thinking outside the box and providing valuable insight and innovative solutions. He enjoys pushing the boundaries and dabling with cutting edge technologies within our industry. He is a passionate Parramatta Eels supporter and has learnt that the stats do not always add up and there’s always a bigger picture at play when dealing with solutions.

Alonso brings flair and exuberance to every project and works with dedication to get the results that clients need.


Determined to make a difference for our customers, Dan’s passion is bringing true customer-centricity to the way organisations think and operate. His unique skill set combines technical expertise and depth of understanding of modern marketing concepts.

ADAM KHARMAN - Data Analyst

Our newest addition to the team, Adam is a lover of mathematics who enjoys collaborating on complex problems and getting sticky with data.

Adam loves meeting new people and has experienced a lot through his travels around the world. His favourite hobbies include reading, working out at the gym, and playing football.


PETER NAVEA - Data Analyst

Peter is an experienced data analyst working in the industry for 9 years. He loves working with the team and is dedicated in ensuring the complex and ever changing data and business requirements and problems faced by our clients basis are met with innovative practical solutions and advice.

Peter is an avid photographer and enjoys tackling the hills around St Leonards with the Marketsoft Run Club.

MALIHE OJAGHI - Visualisation Developer

Our BI ninja! Malihe drives insight through the art of visualisation, exploring data and telling actionable stories with it. Malihe’s experience and professionalism resonates with anyone she engages, and makes her a unique part of the Marketsoft family.


HAMISH MARTIN - Senior Account Manager

Hamish has over 17 years of experience in the Data Services industry as an account manager. As an account manager, he provides a hands-on service to clients large and small, offering timely, creative solutions to meet their needs.

Hamish is also a keen runner who is still striving to break the 3 hour barrier for the marathon!

MICHAEL MOCATTA - Strategic Solutions Director

Michael is Marketsoft’s Solution director who is driving much of our innovation and technology direction specifically around supporting marketing strategies which have helped generate real and long lasting customer connections by leveraging our client’s most important asset. “Their Customer Data”. Mike has over 26+ years of experience working with data and has been involved in pioneering projects in data management, digital and data driven marketing. You can say Mike has been helping businesses leverage data for marketing before it was coined a phase. He was previously a Senior Manager at Acxiom where he worked for over 14 years and prior to Acxiom, helped pioneer data warehousing and single view of customer in the finance industry; He brings an enormous amount of industry knowledge and experience having worked with many Australian and International brands across multiple verticals such as Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Super, Health, Retail, Travel, Gaming and Not for profit.

“In today’s world there are more channels, devices and connections than any other time. We are seeing businesses struggling with compliance, governance and the fear of when, how and what to communicate to their customers. So much choice has resulted in uncertainty and confusion with greater measurability and accountability. There is hope and a path for businesses to put in place a framework, my job is help businesses leverage what they have and build a strong foundation”.

ALISON FEUERSTEIN - Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator

7 years ago Alison came on board as our office manager and has since expanded her many talents into the creative force behind both Marketsoft and LemonTree brands.

Her open personality and fresh energy passes easily to those around her as she keeps a team of clever people all running smoothly behind the scenes.

Alison enjoys being able to work broadly across the company and is always keen to take on new and challenging projects.

Her hobbies include hiking, fitness and she is our resident virtual reality arena MVP!


Marketsoft believe in the power of people. Data, technology, and process are important, but without trust between a working group everything fails. We’d like to think our work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service to each and every one of our customers — big or small.