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Our model is a little different to some. We don't come with rate cards, cheesy sales pitches, or  one-size-fits-all solutions.

We take the time to engage with our customers collaboratively (hold the gasps, please), and understand their real requirements. We believe there are always many ways to solve a problem, and so we aim to find the one which satisfies our customer's needs within the constraints present. We value our relationship with a customer more than any short-term project, and try to keep the long-term success of our engagement as our guiding force.

We use a cross-functional team to collect requirements; a combination of BA and solution architect experts work through a given project's scope before any commercial conditions are formed.

We endeavour to make our pricing as flexible as the scope it reflects. We believe that commercial success comes only from creating win-win outcomes, and so we focus on the long-term viability of a solution over any short-term win.

Step 1

Early Engagement and Discovery

Step 2

Business and Functional Requirements

Step 3

Collaborative Scope Refinement

Step 4

Sign-Off and Kick-Off

We are big believers that success begets success, and will back ourselves to deliver under this mindset.


Rapid outcomes provided to prove the value of an idea. A pilot is rarely built in a way that is sustainable over time, but rather with an absolute focus on delivering measurable value.

Proof Of Concept

Broader development of the pilot model to include a wider scope and operational environments. Iterative development occurs throughout the proof of concept phase.


Deployment of the proof of concept model into a real-world architecture, including the monitoring, management, and maintenance required to ensure its success over time.

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