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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

We all can agree on one fact that modern marketing relies on crucial customer data. So it’s not surprising that CDP is gaining momentum at a fast rate as compared to any other marketing technology. Not all Customer Data Platforms are equal; not in definition nor composition. Our platform takes a fresh approach to unifying customer data and delivering an enduring customer experience.

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At Marketsoft, we believe the title CDP is just as much a concept as it is technology. We believe that CDP is about practically connecting the systems that matter, using this data to build a hub of customer intelligence, and providing the persistent data layer required to drive a valuable, long-term customer relationship. We also believe that great technology is critically important but never in isolation; great people delivering rapidly are also essential ingredients. 

Enter the Marketsoft CDP.

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Enhanced Data


Audience Activation

The Marketsoft CDP platform connects to your existing data sources, whether they reside is system, database, app, or other (believe us, we've seen it all!). This encompasses all aspects of the customer experience, from the extremes of financial purchases and transactions, to web behaviour, POS feeds, survey forms, and customer support recordings. Most importantly, our platform uses the power of both heuristic and probabilistic matching - in plain english, the ability to identify and link the same person (or household, or any other entity) across data points without the need for an arbitrary common attribute such as email address.

Our customer data platform is typically adopted as-a-service but as is the case with all things Marketsoft, the final outcome is absolutely flexible based on the needs of your organisation. From customer data integration to migration, our CDP platform can come handy for small as well as large companies.  For example, where initial development and implementation is being conducted in a cloud environment, final deployment may be pushed to an in-house or even private-cloud architecture.

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Customer Data Platform

There are a range of reasons organisations are investing in and adopting the CDP model, including:

  • Insights and access to advanced querying tools
  • Improved access to customer data
  • Improved personalisation
  • Control of customer data
  • Simpler infrastructure
  • Security of customer data
  • Consistent view of customer across the organisation
  • Integration of internal and external sources


Unified Customer Data
Open Access


Data Warehouse



Custom Integration

Delivery of a successful CDP is grounded in a core belief that technology is only activated and made great through delivery by an equally great team.

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