Insight is the End Value Gained from Data – through analyticsvisualisation, and general exploration. In turn, this drives business outcomes. Depending on the business, this may come in many shapes and forms from:

Customer Intelligence leading to better experience design and marketing, to...

Sales Trend Analysis driving Better Promotions, to...

Product Perception Understanding that helps guide development and go-to-market (GTM) strategies."


Data-driven insights are no longer an option for businesses. The modern era has seen an abundance of data available to drive decision-making, a double-edged sword by any standard. Whilst the attraction of driving business with data is an attractive one, making sense of this data over-supply requires new skills, technology, and organisational structures.


We take pride in our ability to leverage data to drive business, using our extensive data management capabilities to first consolidate data assets, in turn supplying our data science capability. Whilst insights are the result, both good data and rapid development mean we get there faster.

As with all things Marketsoft, we take a collaborative approach to understanding business needs before attempting to extract “insights”. We take the time to understand the data which underpins these requirements, and the constraints which may affect it.

We believe that good insights rely on good data, and so we take the time to stitch together available data assets, and balance this back against business expectations.

Finally, we believe that the revelation of true insight relies on both art and science – a curious mindset wrangling great technology.

In addition to our insights framework, we bring to organisations the history and experience of having performed similar projects hundreds of times prior, across a broad range of industry verticals. Accurate collection of requirements is good, however does not replace an ability to anticipate outcomes, problems, and ideas through similar experiences.

We believe this experience brings quantifiable value to the table; if not in time-savings alone, in the insights that are recognised only because of collective intelligence.

We’d love the chance to help you recognise the hidden value in your data, and put a spotlight on the insights within it!



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