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What are the gaps in your data assets? What is the cost of these in terms of marketing or decision making?

Missing or inaccurate data is the cause for concern for most modern marketers, particularly as data informs an increasingly broader range of both decisions and customer interactions. Marketsoft have curated a unique set of enhancement services designed to address this issue across a range of dimensions.

Marketsoft apply enhancement services either as a batch process - as is often the case required for project-based activities - or as a web service, providing the ability to call on-demand and in real-time.
Marketsoft approaches data enhancement in a unique manner. We aggregate existing industry services and combine them with specialised algorithms and web research processes. This allows us to augment "typical" results using the smarts of machine learning, licenced data sources, and publicly available information published through web and social channels.


  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Deceased Wash
  • Telephone Append
  • Telephone Verification
  • Email Verification
  • NZ Statement of Accuracy (SOA)


  • ABN Append
  • Company Trading Status
  • Legal and Trading Name(s)
  • Industry / ANZSIC / SIC Code Append
  • Other Attributes (Revenue, Employee Size)


Where permissible, we're able to verify and/or append a range of individual attributes across social, contact, and professional dimensions.


Support of Account Based Marketing (ABM) through IP Detection services; that is, the ability to recognise your customer on site, and in turn, respond with the personalisation they deserve.

We approach all data enhancement through a lens of strong data governance and information security practice. The customer's best-interest must always come first.

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We help address the data quality issue of missing data through a unique and comprehensive data enhancement model.


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