Data Safe Harbour

Marketers agree that there is only a finite pool of prospects available to contact with relevant offers. Affiliate campaigns where different, often complimentary, organisations would like to share their customer base with each other and identify prospects within each others databases that look just like their best customers. That all sounds great in theory, however, in reality, businesses, particularly their legal and compliance teams, become a little nervous when asked to share their valuable customer data to another organisation. This is where Marketsoft can remove that uneasy feeling by acting as a trusted neutral party or “Data Safe Haven” where we would receive data from each organisation, match the customer data sets together according to agreed business rules (e.g. identify “look-a-like” customers), and where we find matched records, we would only pass on records to the other party strictly based on agreed data sharing conditions. We ensure that confidentiality agreements are set up with all parties and that the data provided is only used for a permitted purpose.
In our experience, by becoming a trusted data partner that abides by our tight governance rules, our clients have found that by removing the natural data sharing apprehension and instilling security confidence, affiliate marketing campaigns are expedited, and because the communications are relevant, campaign results typically exceed expectations.