St Leonards, Australia: Today, Marketsoft Servicesa customer data service provider working with leading brands across a variety of industry verticals, announced the rebrand of their company mantra.  Being data crusaders at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of customer data, Marketsoft Services knows too well the importance of understanding customers and having the ability to act on it in our competitive digital world.

Of the company’s recent re-brand announcement, Marketsoft Services CEO Daniel Cummins said, “Conceiving the idea of Customer-First Data has been very exciting! All organisations collect data, some generate insights from it, and a few manage to take action – our mission is to help deliver on all three. We’re hopeful the concept might ultimately come to represent a best-practice that businesses use to define strategy and then measure success against.”

Beyond their core customer data services capability, Marketsoft Services have this year aggressively delivered on productisation of what they believe represent a first set of high-value, turnkey customer-first data products:

  • UnifiedCustomer – for the Retail sector, in partnership with RedPoint Global. Unlocking customer-first data and driving sales using an enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that’s a reality for retail marketers.
  • Connecterly – for the telecommunications sector. Unlocking customer-first data to help call centres realise immediate performance improvements.
  • Appendability – for B2B marketer and sales teams. Unlocking customer-first data with business insights on-demand.
  • WattleTree – for the Financial Services and Product sector, in partnership with Mayflower Consulting. Unlocking Customer-first data by bringing DDO (Design and Distribution Obligations) to life in a meaningful, workable, and efficient manner.
  • LemonTree – for the Not for Profit (NFP) sector. Unlocking donor-centric data and growing sustainable fundraising in Australia; through collaborative data and commercial best practice. 

This is just the beginning” Cummins added. “We want to conceive, build, and make available a very long roadmap of products which will help businesses access this idea of customer-first data as quickly as possible”. 

On a mission to help businesses grow through effective use of customer data, Marketsoft Services’ cross-functional team operate across a range of capabilities and skillsets, yet all are passionate about one thing: advocating for why customer first-data is so special. Marketsoft Services understands the opportunity of utilising and executing on customer data, and the impact great data-driven marketing can have on the world. 

About Marketsoft Services Pty. Limited: Marketsoft Services is located in St Leonards, New South Wales. Founded in 1988, Marketsoft Services has worked with organisations in the financial, retail, government, travel, publishing, telecommunications, and NFP industries. Marketsoft Services fundraising product LemonTree, was awarded 2021 Most Innovative Campaign – National Winner, by the Fundraising Institute of Australia. Marketsoft Services is an advanced supplier for the NSW Government, member of the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), F&P, FIA, and proud partner of RedPoint Global.