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There are many aspects that can impact the quality of data throughout an organisation. The data collection process is the first point where errors can be introduced. Then as the data ages and is moved  between and within the various internal systems, other integrity errors can creep in.

The unfortunate realisation here is, that even accurate data deteriorates over time. Organisations often don't prioritise regular health checks on their most important asset - "Their Data". This is especially so when it comes to their customer data held across both online and offline systems.

This is where Marketsoft can step in and perform a data quality assessment & audit across your most important platforms, with a focus on how "fit for purpose" your customer data is, to enable and underpin customer engagements (marketing & advertising), and compliance.  Ignorance is bliss until there are obvious consequences caused by data quality issues. We're more than happy to speak with you sooner rather than later to tackle your data issues before they become a major business problem.

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Data Audits - Need of The Hour

100% data accuracy usually isn't an organisation's main objective, however it's key to understand and acknowledge the importance of data and how it is utilised. An initial data audit is often coupled with an overall data strategy, where all the data held is in a state that is fit for purpose and good enough to improve customer satisfaction whilst meeting regulatory requirements. Three questions an organisation might ask of itself should be:

  1. What is the current status of our data quality?
  2. How do we measure the quality of our data?
  3. What processes or procedures do we need in place that will give us piece of mind?

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Organisations can sometimes put the horse before the cart and assume that their data quality issues are solely an IT problem. In reality, all business units, including IT, should be aligned the organisation's data needs based on overall business objectives and customer needs. Data issues can cause the loss of user confidence in the systems and platforms being utilised by all team members. The results can lead to reduced productivity, and reduced team morale as users attempt to improve and leverage data.    

One of the first steps in establishing and implementing a data strategy, is to undertake an initial data quality assessment and audit across existing data silos within an organisation to determine the current state. This establishes a foundation from which a strategy can be formed to tackle data quality, along with all other aspects relating to data and analytical operations.       

Are there grumbles and complaints about your CRM system buzzing around your organisation? Is there a lack of trust in the systems being used due to data quality issues? Are you looking to replace your CRM system with another, and hoping all the data quality issues will be resolved when you migrate to the new system? Changing systems should not be the first step. Understanding your organisation's data quality issues prior to migration should be step number one.


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