Why your CRM is crying for help!

By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft

The Challenges…

  • Have you ever been initially sold that the new CRM will be “the” solution for our targeted campaigns moving forward?
  • Are you looking to automate customer segmentation from data that only resides in the CRM?
  • Do you have good visibility of exactly what data is in your CRM and trust the reports and campaigns are not missing any groups of customers?

The Concepts…askingforhelp

  • Firstly, CRM was designed to be a communication platform and is often confused with an all in one data management platform or data warehouse
  • Secondly, to help take on a competitive edge and build deeper relationships with your right customers there are typically data points needed that shouldn’t be stored in your CRM. For example, critical web site behaviours or 3rd party data that needs constant refreshing will hamper your CRM quality
  • Similarly, data decay and quality is a constant challenge for CRM managers as customers details continually change and duplicate controls are limited. We find duplicate challenges in almost all CRM instances.

Actions to consider…

  • Find the right expertise or partner that can visualise a clear picture of the flow of the key customer data across your various systems
  • Include Campaign Data Enhancement Management (CDEM) as a complementary part of your CRM solution to maintain data quality, however more importantly automate segmentation to harness your organisations data assets effectively as deserved by your customers
  • Always remember that technology is only ever 10% of your solution!