Why sustainable fundraising practices is a commercial competitive advantage

By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft

The challenge…

  • Like in many industries, there are opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of quality verses quantity and how different organisations can focus on either one to carve out a competitive advantage
  • When you think about fundraising from donors, often quality is perceived as expensive and therefore low cost quantity approaches is justified in the minds of many
  • Is this naive thinking that has been around for decades and has been exploited by short term minded opportunists?

The concepts…sustainable

  • In the commercial world, unless you have mass scale advantage in commoditised products like McDonalds, the majority of successful sustainable organisations have founded their strategies around quality
  • A growing sustainable competitive advantage of marketing and fundraising is about putting your donor at the centre of your organisation.  The core technique is building your organisation around your few right donors and letting quality of this relationship grow your business.
  • Technology and access to rich collaborative donor data is making the quality approach available to all size organisations.

Actions to consider…

  • Consider the impact on the donor with communications you are doing on mass verses those where you are listening to each donors needs and building a relationship accordingly?
  • Question whether you are driven by top-down organisation targets that are set quarterly or even annually or is there a longer term bottom up sustainable approach?
  • Consider quality over quantity in all parts of your approach as it will win in the long run!