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Customers rule in bank of the future

By Bruce Dahlgren & Daniel Biondi, Enterprise Innovation; Among today’s digitally masterful consumers, that old adage ‘customer is king’ has never had more relevance. Tech-savvy, highly connected customers are spoilt for choice. Their expectations are high and they want superior service and products. They won’t hesitate to move on if their individual needs aren’t being

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CIO head-to-head: Collaborating with business to be more externally customer-centric

We ask three technology leaders how they’re ensuring their teams are working more collaboratively with line-of-business to meet customer expectations. Q: How are you changing your operational and leadership approach to be more externally customer-centric? Janet Sutherland, CIO, Wotif Group The IT team at the Wotif Group has a strong customer focus, which is particularly

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Marketers risk muddied data if consumers ‘go dark’

By Lucy Tesseras, Marketing Week; The rise of sophisticated mobile communication techniques brings with it a wealth of opportunity for marketers to track consumers on the move and gain valuable insight, but fears over privacy are causing an increasing number to ‘go dark’ and block access. The true extent of the problem isn’t yet known, particularly

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Turning Data Into Marketer’s Best Friend

By Andrea Ward, CMS Wire From business to baseball, data is having its moment in the sun. Data provides marketers information that can be used to execute targeted campaigns that can drive revenue. The marketer now more than ever has the ability to deliver personalized experiences across digital channels, and help customers build relationships with

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Forrester: Technology and marketing disconnect is hindering customer analytics success

By Nadia Cameron, CMO A fundamental disconnect between the way technology and business teams perceive customer data is resulting in lost opportunity for marketers, a Forrester Research principal analyst claims. Fatemah Khatibloo, who sits in the group’s customer insights practice, produces research on how marketers and business can use customer data to improve engagement. She

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The new chief marketing officer

By Ashley Tollitt, Business Standard Today’s CMO sits at the apex where business and technology forces collide. Harnessing the power of technology and Big Data can help CMOs deliver greater customer insight, improve marketing effectiveness and offer new competitive advantage in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. According to Gartner, by 2017, the CMO

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Why Analytics Should Drive Your Content Creation Cycle

By Jim Yu, Huffington Post The explosion of data over the past two years has shifted the marketing landscape on a seismic level. Marketers now have access to an incredible breadth and depth of data, and these insights have the potential to create transformative business results. However, IBM found that 7 out of 10 marketers

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