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Gmail, Facebook, Skype excluded from Australian data retention

By Josh Taylor, ZDNet Australian law-enforcement agencies will not have legal, direct, warrantless access to customer information for international companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other communications platforms under the mandatory data-retention legislation. The legislation currently before the parliament will force Australian telecommunications companies to retain an as-yet-undefined set of customer data for a

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Assess Privacy Impacts Of Marketing And CRM to Avoid Claims

By Alan L. Friel, Mondaq Big data and the interactivity of digital marketing are powerful tools for marketers, but consumer data protection laws have evolved in recent years, resulting in new and heightened compliance and risk management issues that need to be addressed when executing advanced advertising campaigns and consumer relationship management (“CRM”) programs. This can

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Abbott brings on mandatory data retention in Australia

By Josh Taylor @joshgnosis, ZDNet Attorney-General George Brandis confirmed that the Federal Cabinet today gave in principle support for a new regime that would force telecommunications companies to retain an as-yet-undetermined amount of customer data for up to two years to allow government agencies to access without a warrant as part of law enforcement investigations.

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What data retention is, and why it’s bad

By Bernard Keane, StartupSmart With the Australian government “actively considering” data retention, and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation chief David Irvine telling a Senate committee that it is crucial to intelligence-gathering and that Australians have nothing to fear from it, it’s time for a clarifier on exactly what data retention is and the concerns it raises.

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Domino’s Pizza blackmailed over mass data leak

By Juha Saarinen, Allie Coyne – itnews Updated: Over 600,000 customer records captured.   Fast food giant Domino’s Pizza has been held to ransom for €30,000 (A$43,500) after hackers stole over 600,000 customer details from a legacy platform used by the company’s European operations. A group named Rex Mundi last week claimed to have breached

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Data storage and security in the cloud

By Gordon Makryllos, CSO Online With cloud computing continuing its journey as arguably the dominant technology of the current era, so too the way we use it and manage its capabilities continue to evolve. The cloud has given us new ways to think about lots of traditional IT habits and practices, and as more and

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Zurich study identifies key factors which motivate emigration

Source FINCHANNEL The ebb and flow of the global economy has had an impact on people’s motivations, with a quest for job security and economic stability featuring prominently, according to a survey commissioned by Zurich, insurance provider company. The availability of reliable health insurance is a more significant consideration than schools or pensions when people

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Hacked companies off the hook under new privacy laws

By Paris Cowan – itNEWS Commissioner releases final guidelines. The Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC) has confirmed it won’t hold organisations accountable for the exposure of personal information when accessed via a cyber attack, as long as the Office is satisfied with the level of security in place within the targeted systems. New

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Microsoft’s pledge to ‘shield foreign data’ may increase NSA surveillance, experts suggest

By Corinne Reichert (@thelaughingsub) and Zack Whittaker (Zackwhittaker)  for Between the Lines – ZDNet Microsoft’s efforts to allow foreign customers to move their data to non-U.S. regional datacenters could increase the scope of NSA surveillance, academics and lawyers suggest. In efforts to appease international customers amid a spate of intelligence leaks that implicated Microsoft in

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