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Smart Homes: A New Marketing Paradigm

By Mandeep Grover, ClickZ The rise in popularity of the smart home presents exciting opportunities for marketers to better understand their customers and improve the customer experience. Imagine you are on vacation and suddenly realize that you left the stove on. You panic for a minute, and then pick up your smartphone and switch off

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Stop, Collaborate and Listen

By Chris Edwards, IAB Australia – @IABAustralia Data analytics is a rapidly exploding field within Australian businesses, with different organisations and industries across the country at different stages of maturity. ADMA estimate that around 30% of Australian businesses are currently at some point on the big data continuum between data discovery and data commercialisation. The

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The Customer-Centric Supply Chain

By Susan Fourtané, EBN The days when supply chain design and strategy were mainly focused on achieving the lowest possible cost of products and the most efficient distribution to stores is long gone. The new model emerging is not entirely driven by enterprise technology or supply chain innovations, but by the supply chains’ customers. Becoming

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Malcolm Turnbull commits to opening up more government data to app developers

By Andrew Sadauskas, Smart Company Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has advocated opening up government data to third-party app developers during a speech to the Australian Information Industry Association’s Navigating Analytics Summit on Friday. During the speech, Turnbull said the public sector lags behind private enterprise when it comes to applying big data analytic techniques. “We

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4 things marketing finds frustrating about IT

By Rebecca Merrett – CIO, @CIO_Australia, CIO Australia talks to several CMOs and marketing experts to get their perspectives on what frustrates marketing when working with IT The CIO-CMO partnership is one that’s on the minds of many CIOs, and is seen to offer great potential. But it’s not always peaches and cream; there are

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Is Your Company Running A Data Dump?

By Michael Fitzgerald – Information Week Image courtesy of St. Louis County. Hoarding useless data makes analytics harder. Companies like Paxata say their brand of analytics lets non-data experts turn data landfills into useful info. Companies of all sorts are now in the garbage business. Without even thinking about it, companies collect so much data

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Help poverty? There’s an app for that

By Nate Cochrane, The Age (ITPro – @ITPro_au) Changing lives: The World Bank’s Chris Vein. Photo: Nate Cochrane An Australian collaboration in real-time big data, cloud and mobile has piqued the interest of the World Bank, which hopes to feed the world’s hungry. Imagine if an SMS could save a Third-World farmer from starvation or

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