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‘Small Data’ Trumps ‘Big Data’

By Vijay Ramaswamy, Business 2 Community The staggering increase in the number of channels of communication over the past few years has been accompanied by an exponential increase in the amount of advertising ‘noise’. Companies know that they need to ‘rise above the noise’. Marketing teams have it drilled into them that they need to

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Smart Homes: A New Marketing Paradigm

By Mandeep Grover, ClickZ The rise in popularity of the smart home presents exciting opportunities for marketers to better understand their customers and improve the customer experience. Imagine you are on vacation and suddenly realize that you left the stove on. You panic for a minute, and then pick up your smartphone and switch off

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Experts outline key content marketing trends for 2014

By CMA, The Guardian Personalisation, discoverability and story-first are just some of the predictions from a panel of experts compiled by the CMA on key content marketing trends for 2014 It’s that time of year when everyone starts future-gazing to 2014, so the Content Marketing Association have compiled the wisdom of six digital content marketing

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Marketsoft: Data Services [PRESENTATION]

By Marketsoft, @Marketsoft At Marketsoft, we believe that marketing should be all about the customer, and that data provides an unprecedented opportunity to establish this dynamic. Used effectively, data allows marketers to shift their mindset from a dated product-centric mentality, to one where all marketing actions are ultimately defined by the customer. View our latest

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