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Three Reasons Marketers Need a High Data IQ

By Heather Zynczak – MarketingProfs I love the show Mad Men—and not just because Don Draper is such eye candy. As a marketer, I find the show to be the perfect fantasy world: Creative people dream up ideas in the morning then spend the afternoon sipping martinis and hoping their brilliant ideas work out. In

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The Stage Is Set For Data-Driven Content Marketing

By Ryan DeShazer – MediaPost It seems to me there are two distinct, even divergent camps emerging among digital marketing futurists. On the one hand, there are a number of marketers who are now evangelizing the growing importance of content marketing. These are practitioners who have historically been labeled SEOs or social media marketers. As

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Marketers aren’t investing enough in direct response and customer data

By Nadia Cameron (@CMOAustralia) Australian marketing consultant John Dwyer claims marketers continue to mistakenly focus on brand building and should instead be embracing direct response tactics and upping their data capturing capabilities on and offline Marketers should embrace more direct response activity and invest in better customer data if they’re to create a sustainable business

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The big data arms race part one: marketers’ perceptions

By Colin Strong, @colinstrong – The Guardian Marketers may no longer be in the dark about big data and are embracing a tool that is now transforming their profession Our lives are increasingly lived in a digital domain where we are more easily ‘datified’. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian Marketers are clear – big

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What Role Does Big Data Play in Marketing?

By Marisa Peacock (via @marisacp51) Marketers and big data go together like — well it depends on who you ask. There’s no denying that when used appropriately, analytics can provide marketers with ways to leverage their customers’ behaviors to improve how content created and relationships are cultivate. However, to say that all marketers are embracing

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Marketing: Utilization of Outsourced Data and Research Services

By Alleli Aspili, Business2Community Outsourced research and data services can give marketing companies an advantage as soon as they need to modify and update their strategies and reach more customers. Marketers add valuable insight into customer decision-making and purchasing behavior through the collection and evaluation of data required for a successful strategy. Online marketing that

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