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Gartner: One Third of Leading Enterprises Face a Data Crisis

By  Al Urbanski, @AlUrbanski – Direct Marketing News Corporations and marketing departments have become engulfed by the rising tides of Big Data, social networking, and mobile interactions, says Gartner, and are drowning in technologies for lack of cogent policies to manage them. As a result, the research company predicts that 33% of Fortune 100 companies

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Gartner gives Big Data hype a buzz cut

By Rick Howard* – Government News The term “big data” has become both overused and misused. It serves as a shorthand phrase for large amounts of data and new forms of data. But large amounts of data, high velocity data and varieties of data (unstructured) have been around for years. The announcement by the Australian

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Can Big Data Breach IT and Marketing Divide?

By Ann All, enterpriseAPPStoday IT, marketing functions should partner on Big Data analytics initiatives, experts agree. Earlier this year Gartner analyst Laura McLellan sent some shockwaves through the C-suite with her prediction that chief marketing officers will spend more on IT than chief information officers by 2017. Yet it isn’t that surprising, given recent software

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No, your data isn’t secure in the cloud

By Lucas Mearian, Computerworld – Macworld While online data storage services claim your data is encrypted, there are no guarantees. With recent revelations that the US Federal Government taps into the files of internet search engines, email and cloud service providers, any myth about data ‘privacy’ on the internet has been busted. Experts say there’s

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