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Execs Rate Protection of IP Higher than Customer Data: Ponemon

By Leon Spencer, zdnet A new survey by the Ponemon Institute has shown that, according to Australia’s IT security professionals, company executives would spend more money on IP security concerns rather than customer information breaches, despite the latter occurring more frequently. The study, Exposing the Cybersecurity Cracks: Australia Part 2, found that although there were more

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Narrowing the divide between marketing and IT

By: Kevin Lourens Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will tell you if you build a great experience, customers will tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful. But merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty in today’s consumer-led marketplace. Rick Tate, an internationally recognised expert on service quality and customer

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2014 Outlook: Digital to Surmount TV, DMP Use to Triple

By David Jakubowski, Adotas With 2013 in our rear-view mirror, it is interesting to reflect on how much technology and customer behavior has shifted over the year and how these changes will further accelerate industry transformation in 2014. Running in tandem with technology and customer behavior are the practices that define marketing. Being a tech-savvy

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How Smart Marketers Extract Value from Big Social Data

By Kevin Glacken (via @kevinglacken) For decades, marketers have struggled to deliver competitive advantages to their brands with insights into the decisions and actions of consumers. For the vast majority of this time period, surveys and focus groups have been the primary tools used in an attempt to extract buying behavior information from the minds

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What Role Does Big Data Play in Marketing?

By Marisa Peacock (via @marisacp51) Marketers and big data go together like — well it depends on who you ask. There’s no denying that when used appropriately, analytics can provide marketers with ways to leverage their customers’ behaviors to improve how content created and relationships are cultivate. However, to say that all marketers are embracing

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6 Basic Mistakes Marketers Make About Big Data

By Daniel Kehrer Sure, we’re all suffering from big data fatigue. But try to forget that for a moment. The real “eureka” behind big data is this: Having information is no longer confined to merely understanding the past. Now — for the first time — big data offers marketers the ability to predict the future,

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