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Is Your Company Customer Centric or Ego Centric?

By Michel Falcon, Business 2 Community Being customer centric requires you to be able to operate from the viewpoint of the customer. In other words, can you remove yourself as a professional and make operational decisions based on how you would react if you were the customer? Too many companies claim to be focused on

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Does Your Company Really Need a Chief Customer Officer?

By Jennifer LeClaire, News Factor Network Good Question. Curtis Bingham, founder and executive director of the Chief Customer Officer Council, has a good answer: Yes. As Bingham sees it, the question really isn’t whether or not you need a CCO but when you need a CCO. In a recent article, Bingham explained that the role

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3 Ways Your Sales Team Can Use Big Data Right Now

By ZACH WATSON, Umbel; From optimizing research and development to streamlining production and delivery, Big Data is transforming a whole host of business functions. But, perhaps the most important utilization of Big Data is concerned less with processes and more with relationships. That’s right; your customer service and sales teams could be the biggest users

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Turning Data Into Marketer’s Best Friend

By Andrea Ward, CMS Wire From business to baseball, data is having its moment in the sun. Data provides marketers information that can be used to execute targeted campaigns that can drive revenue. The marketer now more than ever has the ability to deliver personalized experiences across digital channels, and help customers build relationships with

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The 5 Deadly Sins Against Customer-Centric Innovation

By Jeannie Walters, B2C It’s no surprise when I hear that many business leaders believe they are investing in innovation. The real surprise, perhaps, is how those investments are not paying off. Traditional organizational culture has a tendency not only to create a sub par environment for customer-centric innovation, but to completely discourage innovative thinking

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Marketing’s customer experience role causing friction with services teams

By Nadia Cameron, CMO – @CMOAustralia Panel of marketing and customer services support representatives claims a strong relationship between marketing and customer support is key to customer centricity Marketing is adopting an increasingly influential role in customer service due to the rise of customer-centric thinking and digital communications. But the shift is causing friction between

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ADMA replaces its awards

Source – B&T ADMA (the association for data-drive marketing and advertising) has launched a new awards program that will replace the 36 year old ADMA Awards. The new awards program, Australian Creativity and Effectiveness Awards (AC&E Awards) has a whole new look with a new slogan and award categories. There are now 30 award categories

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