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The CMO/CIO Bond: Relationship Of The Future

by Sarah Mahoney, Marketing Daily With the average CMO expected to hang onto his or her job for 60 months, a new report from Forrester Research is predicting they’ll find a new power source: The Chief Information Officer. In fact, it may be the single best way to switch to a fully customer-centric approach required

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CIO head-to-head: Collaborating with business to be more externally customer-centric

We ask three technology leaders how they’re ensuring their teams are working more collaboratively with line-of-business to meet customer expectations. Q: How are you changing your operational and leadership approach to be more externally customer-centric? Janet Sutherland, CIO, Wotif Group The IT team at the Wotif Group has a strong customer focus, which is particularly

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For CMOs, data are the new age fuel

By Kiran S Rao, The Hindu Business Line Biggest boon With today’s shrinking budgets, big data and analytics help CMOs do more targeted marketing, not mass-based but individual-based As data analytics becomes crucial to corporate strategy, the CMO’s involvement in high-level decisions continues to expand The good news is that marketing executives keenly understand the

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The new chief marketing officer

By Ashley Tollitt, Business Standard Today’s CMO sits at the apex where business and technology forces collide. Harnessing the power of technology and Big Data can help CMOs deliver greater customer insight, improve marketing effectiveness and offer new competitive advantage in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. According to Gartner, by 2017, the CMO

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4 things marketing finds frustrating about IT

By Rebecca Merrett – CIO, @CIO_Australia, CIO Australia talks to several CMOs and marketing experts to get their perspectives on what frustrates marketing when working with IT The CIO-CMO partnership is one that’s on the minds of many CIOs, and is seen to offer great potential. But it’s not always peaches and cream; there are

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Narrowing the divide between marketing and IT

By: Kevin Lourens Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will tell you if you build a great experience, customers will tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful. But merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty in today’s consumer-led marketplace. Rick Tate, an internationally recognised expert on service quality and customer

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IT pushing for greater collaboration on digital strategies, while marketing expects IT to solve its complex challenges

Source RealWire News Distribution, SYS.CON Media New research report from EPiServer reveals disconnect between perceived value of marketing and IT partnership The majority of UK marketing and IT professionals (70%) are working together on digital strategies, but there is a clear disconnect between marketing and IT on the value of collaboration and the roles within

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Gartner gives Big Data hype a buzz cut

By Rick Howard* – Government News The term “big data” has become both overused and misused. It serves as a shorthand phrase for large amounts of data and new forms of data. But large amounts of data, high velocity data and varieties of data (unstructured) have been around for years. The announcement by the Australian

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Big data success needs the CMO and the CIO

By David Bowie, B&T Marketing & Media @bandt David Bowie is CEO of SAS Australia and New Zealand. Not so very long ago, marketing saw information technology as a back office operation inhabited by geeky types who would never be able to understand the mind of the marketer, while IT regarded marketing as obsessed with

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