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Donor Centricity Maturity Score

Attendees of the DCC Luncheon contributed to deriving Australia’s very first* donor centricity maturity score. Whilst the results may be surprising to some, they are regardless loaded with opportunity; opportunity to redefine this baseline and in turn, change the way the Australian NFP community supports their array of causes forever. *we’re pretty sure it’s the

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The Missing Ingredient of Modern Marketing

By Ekaterina Walter, Entrepreneur You’ve heard this before: Your brand is the sum of customers’ complete experiences with you across all touch points. Your brand isn’t your company. It isn’t your marketing message. It isn’t even your product. It is an experience — a holistic experience a customer has with your product, your content and your employees.

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The Half-Life Of Data (Infographic)

By Martin Doyle, Business2Community In business, smart leaders know that waste eats into profit. From day to day, project to project, the best way to improve your bottom line is to slash unnecessary expenses from the business’ budget. When we think of expenses, we think of cutbacks in equipment, or hiring fewer staff. How many

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Six Ways to Become Competitively Customer-Centric in 2014

By Greg Lloyd – VP, Customer Experience Strategy – MindShare Customers are faced with more brand choices than ever before. It’s a trend that’s not going away. Restaurants, hotels, stores, and services alike are all growing in variety and choice. There is one thing I’m certain of in today’s evolving marketplace: For any business to

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How to Create a Customer-Centric Culture

By Shep Hyken, @Hyken – Business 2 Community Deliver Great Customer Service Creating a Customer Centric-Culture. That’s a lot of words that begin in C. Well, this article is about D’s. Growing up, in school a D wasn’t a very good grade. And, where I went to school, sometimes a D was slang terminology for

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