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Why President Obama Needs A Chief Data Scientist

By Lutz Finger, Forbes During this year’s STRATA conference, President Obama introduced Dr. DJ Patil as his new Chief Data Scientist in a video message. DJ is a very well known data scientist and is even credited by some with coining the term “data science”. During his introduction of DJ, Obama said that he wanted

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Green MashUP: The 9 things big data will change forever

The Fifth Estate, By Leon Gettler; In an age of computers, GPS devices and fleet GPS transceivers, RFID tag readers, smart meters, embedded microprocessors and sensors, we are now confronted with a tsunami of data. Software applications allow people to conduct more and more from their smartphones, where geospatial applications like Google Maps generate vast

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Optimizing Health Care With Big Data

By Anand Srinivasan, Smart Data Collective; For big data enthusiasts, healthcare is a goldmine for disruption. Right from the patient demographic data to their medical reports, the recommended treatment, their retention rates and treatment success rates – the information gathered from all this could help unravel a number of patterns and interpretations that could potentially startle

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When It Comes to Data, Go Smart Before You Go Big

By Rohit Kumar, Clickz There is a lot of hype around big data, but integrating a broader range of smart data sources can help achieve revenue goals in a more efficient way. If you work in marketing, there’s a good chance that you hear or read the words “big data” at least a few times

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Big Data’s Big Mistake?

By Michael Essany, Mobile Marketing Watch The following is a guest contributed post to MMW from Malcolm Stewart, CEO of YouEye. In the early and middle decades of the 20th century, instinct and an understanding of human nature drove marketing and advertising. Consider “Mad Men” – the TV drama about a prestigious 1960s New York

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ANZ companies lag on big data

By Warc staff, Warc SYDNEY: Companies in Australia and New Zealand have been warned that they are failing to capitalise on the possibilities offered by big data analytics, after new research found only a fifth of the firms have a big data strategy. Based on the responses of 150 enterprises in both countries, the Forrester

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5 Ways Big Data Impacts the Insurance Industry

By Gil Allouche, Smart Data Collective Health, auto, life, home, property and disability are just some of the many types of insurances available on the market today, and all of them are constantly looking for ways to increase their margin. Insurance is one of the industries that can derive the most use from big data’s predictive analysis.

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NRL use Facebook’s big data to take on AFL

By Patrick Durkin, Australian Financial Review The NRL used Facebook’s data to rev up Manly “fans” who weren’t attending the finals using its “real fans go” campaign. The NRL plans to target the game’s potential eight million fans using big data from social media giant Facebook to knock off the AFL as the premier sport

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Financial Marketers Unprepared For Era Of Big Data

By Jim Marous, The Financial Brand Despite the power of combining internal and external data, most financial institutions still lack the ability to capture and process big data for the benefit of the consumer. For those organizations that can leverage demographic, product, transactional and behavioral data, the benefits are endless. Visit any bank or credit

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Thinking Small For Bigger Data Impact

By Daniel Gutierrez, Inside BIGDATA; It’s hard to operate in today’s business world without hearing the buzz around Big Data. But as it turns out, fast data might actually be where the value lies for marketers. Here’s why: the notion that “bigger is better” doesn’t recognize that many big data segments have yet to have

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