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Wikileaks leak shows data sovereignty threat

By Josh Taylor, @joshgnosis – ZDNet A leak of documents from the Trade in Services Agreement negotiations show Australia and other negotiating parties would be prevented from ensuring sensitive customer data remains in the country of origin. The secret draft text for the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Financial Services Annex released by Wikileaks shows 50

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How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data

By Matt Petronzio – Mashable For the past nine months, Janet Vertesi, assistant professor of sociology at Princeton University, tried to hide from the Internet the fact that she’s pregnant — and it wasn’t easy. Pregnant women are incredibly valuable to marketers. For example, if a woman decides between Huggies and Pampers diapers, that’s a

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Club Clarins: a step towards the single customer view

By Ben Davis, @herrhuld – Econsultancy It’s clear that brands’ current priority is uniting data. Companies are striving for the single customer view, allowing smarter marketing and increasing customer lifetime value or better mapping the customer journey. Even in the UK, where online shopping is at it highest (compared to offline), the percentage of transactions

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Amazon: Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company?

By Maz Iqbal, Business 2 Community – @B2Community Does Amazon deserve the label of ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company’? Before I answer that question, allow me to tell you a little story about a well-known telecommunications company, one whose official strategy was to become customer-centric. What Customer-Centricity Meant At A Well Known Telecommunications Company I once

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Narrowing the divide between marketing and IT

By: Kevin Lourens Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will tell you if you build a great experience, customers will tell each other about it. Word of mouth is very powerful. But merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty in today’s consumer-led marketplace. Rick Tate, an internationally recognised expert on service quality and customer

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More Consumer Data Is Going To Help Local Businesses Finally Transition To Brand Marketing Online

By Benjy Boxer, @boxerbk – Forbes Over the next few years, small and medium businesses (SMBs) that operate locally will have access to a significant amount of customer data, which will substantially impact their ability to reach consumers and build personalized in-store experiences. Additionally, this data will enable SMBs to compete for greater attention on

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Help poverty? There’s an app for that

By Nate Cochrane, The Age (ITPro – @ITPro_au) Changing lives: The World Bank’s Chris Vein. Photo: Nate Cochrane An Australian collaboration in real-time big data, cloud and mobile has piqued the interest of the World Bank, which hopes to feed the world’s hungry. Imagine if an SMS could save a Third-World farmer from starvation or

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