Real results of a progressive NFP working with Lemontree

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Acquisition and donor engagement are major areas our members look into when constructing their donor base. One of our members was halfway through its 5 year growth plan focusing on major giving and bequest donors. To achieve this they needed to keep a consistent acquisition program at the cash giver level as a feeder into regular, major giving and bequests. Their existing acquisition programs from other sources were fatiguing from 6% down to 3% mail response rates over the past 2 years.

They joined LemonTree as a way to access fresh donors. The results they achieved after joining LemonTree were:

  • Phone only campaign to 10,000 LemonTree prospects for acquisition cash ask
  • Conversion rate of 14.3% with LemonTree out performed other sources with 8.7% conversion rates
  • Average gift rate was around $33.64 compared to other sources of $29.98
  • 2nd gift rate from these acquired donors has been averaging 70%

Our member went onto say – “LemonTree was the number 1 performing data source with a conversion of 14.31%. LemonTree provide complete transparency on how the data is being used across the cooperative to protect the donor and is close partner in developing sustainable donor relationships through ongoing data insights.”

LemonTree our new donor-centric data cooperative has been running for just over a year. We are using the latest technology to ensure data quality and analytics assist our members to achieve enhanced results within their marketing campaigns. Our vision is to create a community within the not for profit sector to create a solution on donor retention and acquisition.

To achieve this, LemonTree has been built to focus on true direct responsive donors across the membership base; leveraging commercial experience in data quality and predictive modelling to optimise targeting. Our core value in donor centricity has meant the donor comes first, and therefore allowing control and access to more fresh relevant donors.