My Top Blogs for Digital Marketers

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I have a dilemma. I use my commute to work to keep up with the blogs that I follow.  It takes about thirty minutes to go over my feed-burner listing, but I only live five stops on the subway from my office (OK, so it’s not really the subway, but given most of my journey is underground with the exception of Central, I’m calling it the subway) and it takes about fifteen minutes, so I either need to move further away from my job, or cut down the number of blogs I follow.

I’m not alone in this circumstance, Mark Britt CEO of Mi9 (use to be called Nine MSN) told a group of marketers at a recent ADMA forum on Disruptive Technology that, because of Smartphones and Tablets, usage rates on public transport have increased steadily and people now have something to keep them occupied on the commute to work.  However, most people on my train (Airport line), are either playing games, reading news feeds, or trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

So what blogs do I follow?  With my interests focused around Digital & Data, I tend to gravitate towards blogs along these lines.  First off the Marketsoft Blog is a must read.  Daniel Cummins has a good view of the world, and I value his insights.  I’m grateful to Joel and the team in allowing me to be a guest blogger and I hope after this they will have me back.

Scott Brinker’s Chiefmartech blog  is also one I follow closely.  Scott has a wealth of knowledge and experience and he shares it freely in his blog. His post ‘Everyone in marketing should be a marketer scientist’ is a must-read for anyone in marketing.  Beside being a blogger, Scott also Tweets and one of his recent Tweets “If you find data [in marketing] boring you’re doing it wrong” takes you to a link on his blog that will prove much food for thought.

Brian Solis, whose blog is about defining the impact of technology, culture and business, is someone I admire.  I have been following Brian for a few years. He has a finely-tuned radar to where technology is heading and the impact it has on people and business. Check out his books as well. His recent tome WTF – What’s the future of business is a great read.

I also find Fast Company a wealth of information.  Some of my favourite writers include Jody Turner who, besides being a Brand Anthropologist, heads the company The Culture of Future and provides interesting insights into where bands are heading and how they are engaging with their customers.

The Drew Blog is worth subscribing to as well.  Drew Neisser has a marketing focus to his blog and interviews a number of CMOs to get their insights into current trends and happenings. Drew also writes for Fast Company.

Booz & Co’s Strategy + Business blog is well worth the read. They feature in-depth articles around business strategy and management, people leadership, and organisational culture. Sign up for the free newsletters.

LinkedIn has a number of communities or groups you can join.  I’m on B2B and digital related communities including Database Marketers, B2B Social Media Lead Generation and ADMA, but one of my favourites is the UTS MBITM Community.  I’m currently studying at UTS doing my MBITM so, while this is a shameless plug for the course, the group is very active and posts across a broad range of topics. While you’re on LinkedIn look me up

I’d love to hear about other blogs that you read. Leave a comment and share your favourite blogs with us.


Over the past eighteen years Jeffrey Evans @Tarquin61 has built a career that straddles the crossroads of marketing and technology, enabling marketing to innovate though technology enablement and the sophisticated use of data.

He has been instrumental in developing data driven marketing solutions that drive key commercial outcomes for a number of key players in the IT&T and Financial Services spaces. As the newly appointed Head of Global Digital  Marketing & Capabilities, Jeffrey’s role brings digital marketing and big data to life through the use of web-centric ecosystems that leverage data modeling and analytics to provide deep, valuable insights that direct and enable marketing communication and customer experience around the globe.