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Introducing LemonTree:

LemonTree is a new donor-centric data collabroative that allows non-profit organisations to find new donors, like their own, consistently all year round. Using the latest technology, data quality, and analytics, LemonTree can assist by improving your results from your marketing.

The vision of LemonTree is to create a genuine community of charities in Australia; invested in creating a better solution for the industry.

7 Reasons Why LemonTree Is Unique:

  1. Access to counts and data
  2. Receive your data in moments not days
  3. Premium quality data
  4. Select unique givers for fresh new donors
  5. Transparency of membership and data usage*
  6. Monthly bench-marking, scoring and insights
  7. Advanced selection and segmentation methodology

LemonTree – the first donor-centric data collaborative;

Improve campaign relevance with advanced segmentation and targeting
Frequent data refreshes for privacy compliance and up-to-date preference
Premium data matching for a holistic single customer view of donors
✓ More money to the donors’ chosen cause as campaigns become more profitable

Who can join LemonTree?

LemonTree is a data collaborative for non-profit organisations which:

✓ Have a successful direct mail program
✓ Have 3rd party compliant data
✓ Want to improve the reach, profitability and responsiveness of their campaigns
✓ Want a donor-centric, ethical solution

What should I do next?

Contact us to find out if LemonTree is right for you. It’s easy to join and we’ll help you get started with contributing data along with other charities. You can then rent high quality data cost-effectively from the aggregated data source.

Let’s talk!

Happy LemonTree Members:



“Starlight participated in the new LemonTree co-op. Performance exceeded our expectations, returning response rates on par with some swaps. We were definitely happy with this data source, and will be continuing to participate.”

The Baker Institute is excited to have joined forces with LemonTree to help maximize and improve our donor acquisition program. Through accessing ongoing data insights via the collaborative we are developing sustainable donor relationships and increasing the lifetime value of our donors.”


NeuRA used the LemonTree Data collaborative for the first time this April. The results were exceptionally pleasing and contributed toward the best acquisition result for NeuRA in years (probably ever). The Lemon Tree collaborative performance was almost twice that of the other two collaboratives in the data set, and was on par with bilateral swap arrangements.”


“Working with LemonTree has extended our fundraising objective… higher than industry standard response rates and doubled the size of our database in just 12 months.”


“I am happy with our test results and looking forward to the potential of this new list.”

upload_tmp830“In a recent telemarketing acquisition campaign Lemontree was the number 1 preforming data source with a conversion of 14.31%. Lemontree provide complete transparency on how the data is being used across the collaborative to protect the donor and is close partner in developing sustainable donor relationships through ongoing data insights.