Kessler’s Amazing Race was a Thrill!

By Alison Feuerstein-Marketsoft, @Marketsoft

The Marketsoft Team are happy to report that we survived the challenge, which was a test of strength and endurance, team building and… strong stomachs! Congratulations to all of the teams and well done to the Marketsoft Team (aka the Data Legends) who placed 4th and raised $1,200.00 for the Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth.

Kessler’s Amazing Race supported the Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth, a not for profit organisation founded after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The total funds raised by the Kessler’s Amazing Race was $39,096.94!!!

The Team at Thrill had the 11 participating teams running around the city completing challenges, de-coding clues and sprinting to the finish line.  Devouring either a HUGE block of chocolate or chicken hearts was just one of the many challenges!

Check out more pics from the day…

(Images by Thrill).