How to prepare you kids for a future where leadership and creative problem solving will be in demand

By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft

The questions…

  • Is educating our kids or other children in our community one of the most valuable legacy we can possibly give to the world?
  • What does our future world look like in the next 10 or 20 years when they out building a life for themselves? Has globalisation and technology reached a point where traditional “doing” skills such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants become commoditised?
  • Will the skills of the future in demand be leadership and creative problem solving? Or are there other skills that will be ahead of the curve when competing with the billions of people in developing nations aided with technology?

The concepts…

  • There is evidence today that many jobs are kid-leadership“doing” jobs are commoditised and not growing in salary. Off shoring manual and service orientated tasks like  personal assistants and customer service is performed for one fifth the cost of a local person. Self-drive technology is now replacing truck drivers and taxi drivers in some states in the US.
  • Current schooling and university approaches are still mostly geared towards preparing people to replicate known roles of today with limited focus on practical experience

Actions to consider…

  • Firstly, most parents and community citizens need to stop using the easy excuse the “I’m busy” with work and other commitments to spend at least a couple of hours a day with children. Between 3pm and 10pm is a big space to involved
  • Kids need to play, so can leadership and creative problem solving be embed within the play time?
  • Leaving kids to watch tv or play games on the computer during these hours is not likely going to educate or grow leadership and creative problem solving skills. It needs 1on1 eye-ball time with parents.