How to engage internal technical and data owners to share common goals with marketing teams

By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft

The challenges…

  • In larger organisations, how often do you see initiatives slowed down or even stalled due to differing priorities between technical and marketing areas?
  • Is there a bias towards your view on priorities that is blinding you from taking time to better understand the other party? Do you really care about their success?
  • Have you seen success when communication frequency picks up between the groups?

goalsThe concepts…

  • We are all mostly motivated by a few core self-benefits in life, that being mastery, autonomy, financial, and finally friendships
  • We all see life through a different lens, which is unsurprising given all the permutations of unique experiences that we have each accumulated over our lives
  • To share a common goal, each party, in this case, technical and marketing, will likely see it through a different lens and even describe two widely different outcomes.

Actions to consider…

  • Map out the organisation role structure and look to understand key sources of influence.  It may even start at the CEO, whose view is more aligned to one of the parties.  They can then be leveraged as a supporter of your position or an opportunity to understand the drivers behind the differing position
  • Help the other party more.  What meaningful assistance can you serve them with no expectation of a return favour?  Perhaps this might include sharing research articles, introductions to key people, offer to be a system tester where needed, etc
  • Finally, even harness the power of communication through pictures. Draw clear illustrations of the environment and the understood impacts toward technical and marketing teams.