Fighting fires: what will the impact be on your next campaign?

By Kathy Salter, Marketsoft

Photo courtesy of Roland Coombes, itouch professional solutions

23.10 2013: The latest news on the  current bushfire crisis is that conditions are set to worsen today, with temperatures rising and hot dry winds predicted. Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons has warned that the forecast and scenario are ‘about as bad as it gets’.

There are currently four major fires in New South Wales with a ‘Watch and Act’ status – The State Mine Fire around Lithgow, Hawkesbury and the  Blue Mountains, the Linksview Road Fire at Springwood (Blue Mountains), The Hall Road Fire  in the Southern Highlands/Wollondilly area and the Mount York Road, Mount Victoria Fire  in the Blue Mountains.

All of our sympathies and best wishes go out to those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, the fire crews and anyone whose world has been turned upside down by the crisis.

The impacts on Sydney residents are less severe, although health warnings have been issued because of the poor air quality as pollution levels soar to up to some of the highest ever recorded. For those of us lucky enough to be safely behind our screens, spending our days in air-conditioned comfort, the issues that we are tackling are naturally trivial in comparison with those protecting homes and families. However, the effects of the bushfires can even reach as far as marketing campaign management.

Marketers will want to avoid making offers in the areas devastated by the fires and Marketsoft will be happy to help to adjust your campaign data to exclude the relevant areas.

You may also need to consider your offer in the context of the bushfires, when certain subject matters become more sensitive. Insurance companies are among those who are naturally in the spotlight at times of natural disaster, and messages highlighting the need for new or additional insurance cover can be badly received.

The non-profit sector is also feeling the heat, with concerns that the bushfire appeals may impact the results of fundraising campaigns.

In fire affected areas, mail deliveries are delayed due to road closures and access restrictions. Australia Post has made it possible for those in fire-affected communities to redirect their mail free of charge for twelve months.

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