Donor Centricity Maturity Score

Attendees of the DCC Luncheon contributed to deriving Australia’s very first* donor centricity maturity score. Whilst the results may be surprising to some, they are regardless loaded with opportunity; opportunity to redefine this baseline and in turn, change the way the Australian NFP community supports their array of causes forever.
*we’re pretty sure it’s the first, anyway!


Some of the key insights derived from the survey were:

  • 87% of attendees are in their infancy in donor centric practices
  • All 7 stages in the donor centric roadmap scored between 26% and 50% maturity across the attendees
  • There are 3 stages that were of particular low maturity:
    • Creating Loyalty – 75% of respondents are not collecting or leveraging donor preferences
    • Protecting brand – 65% of respondents are not taking into account donor information like lifestage to drive relevant communications
    • Maximising ROI – only 35% of respondents are using some form of analytics to focus on the right donors

Based on these results we suggest 3 initial actions:

  • Request a data quality assessment and set a strong foundation
  • Request a data governance audit to identify the hidden opportunities
  • Setup a donor centric workshop to explore best practices and next steps to advance along the donor centric roadmap


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