Donor Centricity Collective- Luncheon 20th January

By Emily Elliott, Marketsoft


On the 20th of January 2016, many had the privilege to enjoy talks from Alan Hulse from PETA and Annabella Chauncy from School for life. They both spoke on the need for engaging a younger demographic of donors and using data to achieve this. Harnessing the use of market research effectively  without feeling that we are causing paralysis by analysis.

Joel- the Managing Director from Marketsoft also posed these questions to our audience:

  • How confident are you with your current fundraising programs and its ability to out perform last years results in terms of profitability, LTV, and most importantly advocacy?
  • Can you afford commercial grade analysis, modelling, and statistics? Are you challenged to attract in house skilled analysts that are typically taking up high paid roles in other industries? Our last DCC luncheon showed only 35% use some form of analytics
  • How much of your potential right audience are you already communicating with? 90%, 50%, or are you still working out the right audience? Or Is it not about the size of the audience and more the quality of the engagement to your existing base?

If these questions still peak your interest on how to better utilise your data and analytics flick over an email to Joel to discuss how we can assist in developing your data strategy to enhance your donor engagement :

Attendees of the luncheon also participated in a survey which focused on how effective their organisations capture and effectively use data.  Survey results are below:

Data analysis and analytics are becoming a growing focus. How would you rate your organisation with levering this information to better engage with donors?
Only 59% of you agreed that your engagement level is just  average whilst 30% believe it is below average and only 11% believe your engagement is heading towards Outstanding.

How would you rate the capture and application of donors communication preferences within you organisation? On Average only 60% of you believe that your capture and application of donor preferences is sitting just above average whilst 30% sit below with either limited or no capture rate on donor communication preferences.

How important is collaboration within the NFP sector? How would you rate your organisation’s commitment? More than 74% have stated that collaboration within the NFP sector is a key attribute especially when it comes to donors. On the other hand even though there is a high percentage that believe collaboration is important more then 26% believe their organisations commitment is below average or non-existent.

Do you know which donors will be your most generous in years to come? Do you know which ones to focus on. Only 19% identified they knew who their donors would be in the years to come, with more the 45% unsure who their most generous donors would be.

Based on these results we suggest 3 initial actions:

  • Request a data quality audit and identify key opportunities with your data
  • Request a data governance audit to protect your donors and move towards a sustainable program
  • Engage with Donor Centricity Collective via the linkedin group : DCC Linkedin

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