DMA 2014: Day 3 – Magic and motivation


The main DMA14 conference kicked off today, and the attendee count seemingly multiplied 10-fold overnight!

The day was launched with the formal DMA keynote and an absolute highlight of… Selfies! Magic Johnson selfies, that is. Earvin “Magic” Johnson headlined the keynote, with his motivational, inspirational, and perspective-demanding talk. His story of building a business empire following basketball fame left the audience smiling (at Magic’s outward confidence) and ready to tackle the conference ahead.

His story and achievements have been well publicised, however we thought we’d try to apply the inspiration to the data-driven marketing themes we’re attending DMA for:

  • Lesson: Love proving people wrong – people said Magic couldn’t sell $3 coffee into urban America, he ended up owning 125 stores!
  • Marketing translation: Be prepared to experiment, ignore the status quo, and find what works for your customers

An easy one! Let’s look at lesson two…

  • Lesson: Know your audience and build around them – Magic knew urban America
  • Marketing translation: Data gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to replicate Magic’s intimate knowledge of his audience, use it!

…And lesson three…

  • Lesson: Change your product to suit the audience – Magic changed food options in his 125 Starbucks stores to suit the urban market (out with the scones!)
  • Marketing translation: Find a solution for your customer, not a product for any market

…And finally…

  • Lesson: Over-deliver, over-deliver, over-deliver!
  • Marketing translation: Over-deliver, over-deliver, over-deliver!

No translation required!

It’s a hard session to bring justice to via humble words and blog post, however I encourage you all to read Magic’s story and find your key lesson from it.

DMA attendees – what made you smile the most today?