DMA 2012: Achieving Deep Multichannel Customer Engagement

Another day and another inspiring keynote from DMA 2012! This time is was QVC’s VP of Customer Fulfillment Services, John Hunter. As we tweeted earlier, if yesterday’s Don Peppers’ keynote yesterday was the rock concert, today’s was the soul session. John gave deep, insightful comments around the changing customer climate, and challenges faced by his own media retailer QVC.

The difference between this and Don Peppers’ keynote yesterday, is that John spoke organically and very much in-line with with trends observed by QVC. While complimentary of Peppers’ trust theme, today highlighted the three main implications of the changing customer landscape, in particular the emergence of:

  1. The pervasively connected customer – customers who chose when and how they want to connect, only ever offering partial attention
  2. The empowered buyer –  where the sale is made is not necessary where the purchase will be made
  3. Social co-creation – customers who want to take part in the buying process, will take recommendations of friends and peers long before any marketing message

The underlying response through all three of these trends is to accept and adapt to the power shift. Companies who fail to embrace customer’s preferences in how they connect, or do not provide the seamless experience which will very soon become the status quo, do so at their own peril.

The shift in customer power is nothing new, however John articulated the movement through these three points in fine detail, bringing with it new insights. He obviously accepts the challenge wholeheartedly, and promotes listening to the voice of the individual customer, defining these customers and their relationship to your brand, and building community around it.

Finally, to finish off with the quote of the day, further reiterating that the faster and most agile wins every time:

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is more adaptable to change.