DCC Luncheon August 16th – Show Notes


Nicola Norris, Greenpeace

Our RG dilemma

  • The leaky bathtub
  • 64% cancellation rate in year 1
  • 2/3 of these were active cancellation (1/3 lapses)

Old journey

  • The dodgy first date
  • Awkward way too much information too quickly
  • Everyone got the same emails

The solution?

  • Quarantine donors during the first three months
  • Digital journey during this period

The approach

  • How do we wants the donor to feel?
  • What do we want the donor to do?
  • What content will achieve this?
  • Who will they meet from Greenpeace?

The objective

  • Saying thank you (high five)
  • Educate over time
  • Create content easily viewed on a mobile phone
  • Build an emotional connection with the cause (animals)
  • (Emotive) video via sms (link)
  • (Fun) video of CEO welcoming new RGs


  • Reduce reliance on email and phone
  • Broaden to SMS and social
  • Improve long-term open rates by serving great content from the outset
  • Get supporters to take a non-financial next action
    • Sign petitions
    • Hero grams (like Olympics) for Rainbow warriors
  • High level of engaging video content
  • Video, video,video


  •  We don’t know yet
  • First batch of donors hit with this journey today
  • 19 touch points, 8 videos
  • Attrition impacts measured over the first several months
  • Other journeys
    • Cash to RG
    • Etc.

Paul Mann, MoneyWise

  • Purpose – banks at one end, charities at the other… MoneyWise is in the middle
  • Part of Flight Centre
  • Flight Centre: Our company is our people. We care for our health and well being, our personal and professional development and our financial security
  • MoneyWise: to empower our clients to live the life they want to live, not the life they have to live. Live your best life.
  • Moneywise
    • Financial Advice (free)
    • Home Loans
    • Tax Services
  • Why
    • Productivity
    • Basic education
    • Stress reduction
    • Connection
    • Recruitment
    • Staff retention
  • Video doesn’t do enough, it’s a good door opener but is such a fleeting moment of attention
  • We solve this through a blended model – F2F is a big part of changing people habits and attitudes to financials
  • Journey
    • Website; login and dashboard –> people who sit with coaches first visit site 5x more than those without F2F
      • Goals
      • Journeys (gamified)
      • Share market game
    • 80% open rate on emails
  1. Confirmation around Greenpeace 19 touch points in the first 3 months: donors will always ask to be contacted less however we know that this drives cancellations
  2. What opportunities are there to interrupt content schedule and interject current content/issues? Possible but needs to be a major event
  3. How did you make decisions about when to send a given touch, timing, etc.? Not very scientific, spread types of contact across the 3 months welcome period
  4. What are opt out rates on SMS? On cash asks, yes… Not so much just after people sign up
  5. To Paul, did the platform also improve click-through rates on top of open rates? Yes, parallel increase in line with the open rates, namely off the back of the share market game
  6. How do you do split tests for such a complex on-boarding journey? Statistically random decisions around who gets control versus test.