Data Tip: Raw Data!


Many clients suffer from similar marketing restrictions when assumptions are made by the data extractors leading to missing records, aggregated information that can’t be undone, and omitted fields.

While it’s not always feasible, requesting as much raw information as possible from your own customer pool, external source or partner can have several key benefits:

1.       Profiling The more information is available, the more you’re able to identify and use to your advantage when it comes to the data selection stage via segmentation. Simple attributes may include age and gender, however a more comprehensive initial extract may provide deeper insight into spend behaviours and product preferences, in the end helping you select the best prospects for your offer.

2.       Matching Additional information such as Date of Birth and Phone Number often improve matching processes by helping identify & qualify the same person at different addresses otherwise not achievable. These pieces of information can often improve matching accuracy by 5 to 10 percent, ultimately resulting in a better balance between a direct marketer’s dichotomy – wastage vs opportunity loss.

3.       Personalisation With better knowledge of your opportunity pool, the chance to accurately target your offer becomes possible. This may include personalised references through your marketing creative, calculation of various derived fields for lasering, or simply, ensuring your customers title accurately reflects their true gender.

Our advice is:

1.       Write a clear detailed brief on objectives & ideal data requirements

2.       Request data to be supplied with no modifications

3.       Start by asking for layout of all fields available

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