Data Tip: Exciting Segments

While almost everyone fully intends to embark on post-campaign analysis, we’ve found that without the correct preparation, the task is made considerably difficult. By following a few simple steps, the process of measuring and drawing conclusions from your campaigns can be made thoroughly more pleasurable.

Step 1.  What Segments Analyse & identify which fields are available to segment from your data, more often being better than less. Consider factors such as:

  1. Grouping values to within 5 to 10 variations
  2. Push to access strong behavioural segments like Recency/Frequency/Monetary
  3. Include enhancement fields such as web data appends or model scores

Step 2.  When Derive and append segment values before campaign lodgement, rather than relying on the work to be completed post-campaign. This encourages a more planned approach to analysis and also centralises data processes which equates to efficiency and cost savings.
Step 3.  Consistency Maintain a consistent definition of segment values across all campaigns, to allow for simple comparisons and aggregation over time.

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