Data Tip: Are Deceased Contacts Impacting Your Company Reputation?

Save resources and avoid offending surviving family members by removing deceased contacts from your file. Marketsoft is proud to launch its latest innovation by delivering the most comprehensive deceased flagging service for Australian customer records.

As you may be aware, the state governments manage the registry of births, deaths, and marriages however will not release this in the public domain.Marketsoft has developed techniques to gather and consolidate the death notifications that are advertised in the public domain.

Our advice to understanding the benefits is:

  1. Request a free audit – most clients have averaged 1% in confident matches to client campaigns and a further 1% can be matched for a slightly less confident match
  2. Calculate the ROI – based on number of communications and the age demographic the savings can be $1,000’s on every campaign
  3. Automate your campaign process – ensure the process can be run within hours and becomes a seamless stage in your campaign process

To talk through the range of options available around data cleansing or for any help in ensuring you’re getting the most out of your data, give us a call today on (02) 9432 7401 (or email