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Data Quality Audit


What is a data quality audit?

Our Data Quality Audit is a no-obligation report on the current condition of your data, highlighting the improvements in completeness, accuracy and currency that can be made.

Why do I need a data quality audit?

Accurate, complete and up-to-date data is key to the success of data-driven marketing. It enables sound decision-making based on analytics, improves results and customer experience, reduces waste and ensures compliance.

Data quality is at the heart of customer-centric marketing. As marketing professionals, we aim to deliver what our customers need and want, at the right time. We want to engage them with relevant offers of value, using their preferred mode and frequency.

Yet over 74% of marketers in Australia say that they don’t have confidence in the quality of their data, and 11% admit that data quality is a major problem in their organisation.*

The good news? We can help.

What exactly would a data quality audit show me?

A Marketsoft Data Audit will show you the current condition of your data, including:

% with more up-to-date contact details
% of customer records that can be corrected or enhanced
% of duplicates
% of hard and soft bounced email addresses
% of invalid or incomplete names
% of undeliverable mailing addresses
% phone numbers that are not contactable
% who has left address
% of records that should be removed from email/mail/phone
% of customers that can be contacted on new numbers
% of customers with new mobile numbers
% customers with new addresses
% who has a new job/title/company
% social influencers

From a customer experience and privacy perspective, the data audit will show you:
% of gender, name, title or street address corrected
% deceased customers
% records with increased data completeness
% records with a Do Not Call or Do Not Mail added

How can this help me?

Increase the size of your marketing opportunities with better contact rates and higher response rates
Reduce waste by eliminating records that should receive your communications (depending on the channel), focusing spend on those most likely to receive the offer and respond
Increase quality of customer experience and ensure privacy requirements are met

You can then explore and calculate the increase in opportunity for your campaigns, the cost savings and tailor your processes to suit your data.

Marketsoft also provides you recommendations on best practice and next steps to achieve your goals using a healthier set of data for your business.

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Three easy steps


How soon can I see the report?

48 hours, for a standard file using the template provided.

After you receive your report, a Marketsoft consultant will call you and assist you in going through the report. We would ensure that you are happy with it and that everything is clear.

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* 2013 Marketsoft Data Challenges Survey

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