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When every dollar counts – savings for non-profits

When every dollar counts. A customer-centric solution for non-profit organisations

Our customer, a well-known non-profit organisation, had been running a donor acquisition program for two years. Results had been strong, with campaign response rates averaging over 9%. As is so often the case, while things were going well, no-one asked why, or looked for ways of making improvements.

After two years, however, campaign profitability gradually began to decline, but the CRM system used did not allow marketers to look at any donor profiling or understand which donor segments were more or less valuable to the organisation.

When external prospecting lists were used in acquisition campaigns, the CRM offered no reliable way of knowing which potential donors had already been contacted, let alone how often and how recently. Multiple mail packs were sent to people in a short space of time, causing damage to the brand and wasting critical funds. Highly emotional complaints from the public were passed up to the CEO. The marketing team needed help.

How Marketsoft helped

Marketsoft worked closely with the marketing team over the first few campaigns to understand why these issues were arising. With advanced insights combined with over twenty years of experience with non-profit data, we worked in partnership to establish a next practice solution.

Marketsoft then implemented a centralised marketing data hub to organise and store all customer profile, campaign history and customer preference data from the past five years.

This provided our customer with easy online access to their data allowing campaign analysis and planning.

A single customer view of prospects and donors was put in place using Marketsoft’s sophisticated ‘fuzzy’ matching, enabling marketers to have an accurate view of donor history and understand the impacts of recency and frequency of contact.

Accurate and reliable contact management and customer preference rules were established.

A chronic non-responder suppression service was implemented.

Outcomes – the customer success story

The decline in results was reversed, with resources focussed on the most valuable donor segments and chronic non-responders suppressed from campaigns. Better marketing decisions could be made thanks to easy access to customer data reporting.

The successful results of acquisition campaigns were clearly visible. The marketing team was able to communicate these results and the reasons supporting future initiatives to obtain the support of stakeholders.

Accurate deduplication reduced wasted communication – and the associated brand damage – by an estimated 10%.

Automated data selection for donor swap programs generated additional revenue, directly supporting the charity’s work.

Data quality improvements lead to previously unknown donor groups becoming available for re-engagement.

The contact management strategy was adjusted based on customer preferences and response, with the impacts of recency and frequency becoming easy to analyse.

A customer-centric approach was implemented, with accessible data proving the insights allowing the communications program to be driven by a real understanding of the donor customer.

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