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Trigger Marketing and Agile Data Services

Trigger marketing and agile data services

As marketing moves further down the path of customer-centricity, the ability of marketers to create trigger marketing programs is becoming increasingly important.

Trigger marketing means tailoring offers to customers’ needs at the time they are ready to take action. It’s marketing nirvana. A willing customer decides when and how communication occurs thanks to triggers captured in the data and analysed. The most relevant message is delivered via the channel the customer wants at the right time.

At the right time. The critical words. Programs can no longer be set by dates on a marketing calendar, scheduled in at the beginning of the year.

So what do marketers do when their internal IT resources are simply not set up to respond in a quick and agile manner, and any data activity needs to be booked in with IT six weeks in advance?

Our customer’s challenge

Our customer, a major Australian wealth management company, wanted to introduce a trigger marketing program identifying and responding to the needs of its customers.

However, as is so often the case, internal IT processes didn’t fit what marketers wanted to do. Their core technical support team had a traditional IT mentality, applying slow and elongated project management techniques to marketing data requests. Any changes in requirements were almost impossible in the face of ‘set-and-forget’ software solutions that were only relevant to a single point in time.

Help was needed to allow customer needs to drive the marketing programs rather than the IT department.

How we helped

Marketsoft assisted marketers with an agile combination of the traditional IT and software that existed in the business and the flexible marketing layers needed for trigger marketing.

Working closely with the marketing team, we developed customised data sets, bringing together information from different data sources to facilitate new trigger campaigns.

Ongoing, we provide a dedicated support service to help the customer test and learn on the fly.

An agile reporting solution enables continuous measurement of results and optimisation of marketing activity.

New technology options are developed and adapted as the system evolves.

The outcome – customer success

Marketers are able to introduce progressive trigger campaign methodologies, allowing them to focus on customer needs.

An instilled culture of measurement and refinement empowers marketers with the ability to test and apply changes quickly. With ongoing measurement of results and optimisation of marketing activity, programs are adapted as marketers test and learn on the fly.

Using organically evolving technology and services, the trigger program can maintain contact with the best customers and others are migrated into higher-return categories thanks to ongoing refinement.

As well as achieving a significant improvement in marketing ROI, marketers now have the tools to put the customer, not the IT department, in the driving seat. They have reduced the guesswork by letting their customers tell them what they want and need, through data.

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