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Why your CRM is crying for help!

By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft The Challenges… Have you ever been initially sold that the new CRM will be “the” solution for our targeted campaigns moving forward? Are you looking to automate customer segmentation from data that only resides in the CRM? Do you have good visibility of exactly what data is in your CRM and

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Assess Privacy Impacts Of Marketing And CRM to Avoid Claims

By Alan L. Friel, Mondaq Big data and the interactivity of digital marketing are powerful tools for marketers, but consumer data protection laws have evolved in recent years, resulting in new and heightened compliance and risk management issues that need to be addressed when executing advanced advertising campaigns and consumer relationship management (“CRM”) programs. This can

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Abbott brings on mandatory data retention in Australia

By Josh Taylor @joshgnosis, ZDNet Attorney-General George Brandis confirmed that the Federal Cabinet today gave in principle support for a new regime that would force telecommunications companies to retain an as-yet-undetermined amount of customer data for up to two years to allow government agencies to access without a warrant as part of law enforcement investigations.

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Do you buy data? Win a ticket to ADMA Data Day

Third-party data is the lifeblood of marketing initiatives for organisations ranging from charities needing donors to business who need new customers to grow. Data powers targeted lead generation and customer acquisition, finding quality prospects to become customers who remain engaged and drive revenue. But, like anything, buying data has its challenges. You can have the

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