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When It Comes to Data, Go Smart Before You Go Big

By Rohit Kumar, Clickz There is a lot of hype around big data, but integrating a broader range of smart data sources can help achieve revenue goals in a more efficient way. If you work in marketing, there’s a good chance that you hear or read the words “big data” at least a few times

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NRL use Facebook’s big data to take on AFL

By Patrick Durkin, Australian Financial Review The NRL used Facebook’s data to rev up Manly “fans” who weren’t attending the finals using its “real fans go” campaign. The NRL plans to target the game’s potential eight million fans using big data from social media giant Facebook to knock off the AFL as the premier sport

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Why Small Businesses Actually Have the Big-Data Advantage

By Dan Yoo, Entrepreneur; Big data, with its Orwellian overtones, gets a bad rap. And there are good reasons why. Online ads generated by web surfing create the same consumer ire once reserved for spam email: Buy a rabbit hutch for your kids online and suddenly you’re cyber-stalked by ads from the rabbit-hutch industry long

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Aussie telcos to sell user location data to marketers

By Darren Pauli, The Register; Two Australian telecommunications providers are seeking to identify and sell the location of their users to advertising companies. One telco was already in early adoption of a big data Hadoop system while a second was considering the platform. The telcos, unnamed due to non-disclosure agreements, were seeking a project similar to

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Big Data, Small Data, Smart Data

By Yoav Naveh– MediaPost,  @MediaPost Big Data is one of the most trending buzzwords of the last couple of years. It is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misused buzzwords as well. Is bigger necessarily better? Moreover, people are taking the “big” part too literally. Simply having billions of records on hand to sort

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Advance Bookings Save Business Travelers Money

Source Newswire Travel Leaders Corporate reported its clients’ first quarter booking data for 2014, including evidence that domestic business travelers who book their airline tickets 14-20 days prior to departure save on average 33 percent versus those who book 0-6 days prior, creating the highest percentage of cost savings during this booking period within the

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